IBRD report, standard weights & measures, check-out lane dividers, liquid spills

A collection of objects dedicated to the production of wealth and its measurement in Guatemala beginning in 1952 with the Moniac - a hydromechanical analogue computer for the calculation of total national income. This device in the context of the Central Bank of Guatemala was the subject of a major project in 2006 (see Answers to Some Questions about Bananas). In 1953 one such water computer was purchased by the bank and although its true purpose in that institution is still unclear and - it leaked (it was damaged in transit) - the device persists as silent witness to the thwarted aspirations of the time even though its actual physical whereabouts remain unknown. Via the overtly confident pages of the American business magazine Fortune (March 1952) the machine re-appears in pristine condition - a double-page article, unabashed in its promotion of the device ends its pitch by bluntly stating the purchase price in dollars.